Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ty's first day of school

it went great! ty gets to go to stamford american international school (sais - everything is abbreviated here).we both knew from the initial interview that this school was the right choice for ty. it's only in its second year and is really small, but we like that. it isn't so intimidating for a kindergartener and the staff really seems to genuinely care about the students rather than the stigma of the school.

waiting for the "bus" to arrive outside our place in his cute uniform.

there is an auntie on the bus who helps everyone.

the bus driving away.

lunch. the deal is he tries three bites. so far it's going well. they had an orientation for the parents and kids the saturday before school started. the food is good! they even offer a grab and go option for parents for take out. it's really that good. they don't use processed junk and even offer a vegan option, as well as an asian and western meal.

getting information out of ty is like pulling teeth. i wish i could just be a fly on the wall and see how he is doing. i'm absolutely confident that he is great, but it still would be fun to see. the following picture is from the saturday before school started when the kids got to meet the teacher. here is ty's teacher, ms. rachel. she seems like an awesome kindergarten teacher.

ty is beat when he gets home. i don't know if he is fully adjusted to the time change or if it's just because he is constantly on the go all day long. anyway, you can just see it in his poor little eyes that he is drained. if there isn't a thunderstorm, we usually try to go swimming for a bit to relax.

and how did i do? surprisingly well! i guess he's got to grow up some time. :( rhett really misses ty during the day. he asks at least a half dozen times, "where ty?" with both hands upturned and shoulders raised. there's no doubt that the best time in rhett's day is when ty gets home. those two boys laugh so loud together. i don't even mind how much noise they're making because it's so cute to see their brotherhood bond.


kam said...

awww - heartstrings getting pulled!

i hear ya about pulling teeth to find out what happened in the day. i started asking very specific questions - who did you play with at recess? what did you play? how did you feel about that? etc. i figure i hear about their school work at teacher conferences. that part would be skewed anyway (who knows WHY they did that worksheet? they just had to.).

it looks like a really great school! and it looks like it is being a good experience for ty also, which makes it a good experience for you! yay!

Deborah Gamble said...

Oh wow. Ty looks older already! Gabby misses him so much.