Wednesday, September 21, 2011

day in the life of...

for a photo class i'm taking, there was an assignment to photograph a day in the life of...something. here is my little guy.

7.57 am
8.10 am
10.45 am
11.47 am
12.43 pm
3.25 pm
4.50 pm
6.48 pm

Friday, September 16, 2011

BANGKOK : the city

silverware decisions
chatuchak market (j.j.) - largest outdoor market in thailand

had to buy suitcases to take all our treasures home! lol.

red rally - not in your average guidebook, we stumbled upon this political rally while trying to go on a bike tour.

street food - out of all the southeast asian countries i've been to, this city's street food is my favorite.

transport - had to take a picture of this cute batman tuk tuk for my boys.

colorful busy streets
*thanks to jessie and jonette for some of the pictures in these posts!*

BANGKOK : people

BANGKOK : train station

salt fields
there is still a working train that passes by this thriving market. when it comes through, vendors clear their goods back from the tracks.

the color of the curry tells you how spicy it is.

BANGKOK : elephants & tigers...

no bears, but still OH MY!
we thought we would be the one giving these baby elephants a bath, but it was actually them giving US the bath!

then off to the tiger temple where behavior was clearly marked.
walking with tigers
isn't this craaaazy?!???

BANGKOK : bai pai cooking school

awesome thai cooking school!

jonette's beautiful dish.

BANGKOK : grand palace and temples

the grand palace was incredible! it was so SHINY! we lucked out and got the best tour guide.
so much gold everywhere!

they repair the buildings very carefully by hand. impressive.

jessie was a celebrity! i don't remember how many times local students stopped her to practice their english for an assignment.

reclining buddha
you could write on the tiles they used to repair the roofs.