Saturday, September 3, 2011


growing up, my brother watched pro wrestling. i pretty much idolized everything my brother did, so of course, i watched wrestling too. my sister and i had a game where we would go back and forth naming all the wrestlers we could.

ultimate warrior
jake the snake roberts
macho man randy savage
the undertaker
bret the hitman hart
scary sherri
mr perfect
andre the giant
rowdy roddy piper
hulk hogan
...just to name a few...
the best was when superfly jimmy snuka moved into our ward! and even better when his daughter broke my foot (a story for another day...)

so when steve first started watching mixed martial arts (mma), you'd think i would be on board too. after all, this is real. nope. i couldn't stand to watch it. it grossed me out. my clever husband, knowing my weakness for anything reality tv, got me to watch the ultimate fighter. i realized that my previous assumptions were completely ignorant and i learned more about the sport. i'm hooked. at the very least i'm a "tuf"fer.

i didn't realize how much i was into mma until steve took me to a fight night here in singapore. "for my birthday." to tell you the truth, i wasn't super stoked on the drive there. i don't know these people. is it even really going to be mma? it's not even the ufc. luckily it was my birthday and steve put up with my bitter attitude. he got us great seats and it was so much fun. we even got to see phil baroni!! i know. phil. baroni. and some gracies. very cool.

we saw lots of mma too.
muay thai
brazilian jiu jitsu
the host of asia's amazing race even sat a couple rows in front of us.
there were good fights. it was a good night.

and who knows? maybe name that fighter game will be revived! :)


meloyellow said...

don't forget The Big Bossman!

james and bess said...

what about brutus the barber? :) looks like you had a great time!


Steve said...

Woot! Life is good out of the closet! (The "I'm an MMA fan but don't want to admit it closet.)