Saturday, January 29, 2011

ty's saturday

we're usually really busy on saturdays, running errands or doing activities mom wants to do. i feel bad because we i tote the boys (all three of them) around while crossing things off of my list.

i grew up in a family with six children. i can remember my dad scheduling out a time for each of us; it was our "special time" with him. he would let us pick whatever we wanted to do...just the two of us.

this saturday we let ty plan out his special day and mostly stuck to it. however, we still snuck in some errands when it was convenient.

the friday night before, we made the list of everything he wanted to do that fit on a page.


hang out with the fam

beach and swimming at sentosa

made a pit stop at velocity newton square to pick up my race pack for the safari zoo run. this mall is awesome for anything sports-related!

ate at the hard rock cafe instead of "tom and jerry's" aka chachachas.
after living here for six months, i can truly appreciate the hard rock cafe.
the nachos were gigantic and the beef in the hamburger tasted like beef. they even had "free-flow" soft drinks!!! the service was FANTASTIC! in singapore, you don't tip. it's just the culture here. [at first, it was really awkward not giving anything to the guys who fill up our "petrol" or even the delivery guys who lugged our furniture up the stairs.] we were so impressed with our waitress, we HAD to leave a tip.

walked over to toys r us which takes up an entire floor at the forum shopping mall. ty used his own money to get a beyblade, or bane play as he calls it. it's all the rage at his school now.
parked next to a cold storage specialty shop and found two of our ::cannot find anywhere items:: there - fritos and canned pumpkin. hooray!
we got a bike pump, but didn't have enough time for a bike ride or walk and didn't get to the play day with jacob either. everything else was a success!

thanks for an awesome day ty! it will be fun to see what you come up with next time. ♥ mom

Friday, January 28, 2011


hindu temple participants fast before the festival, then don a kavadi which represents their thanks to answered prayers.

they pierce their body and amazingly there is no blood!

the kavadi's were very large and intricate

nail bed shoe

piercing through cheeks and tongue


hands behind his head, he is so calm while getting ready.

lots of people checking out the festival

there were people everywhere! the paris hilton kavadi. these things were huge. sometimes the participants had to stop and take a breather during the 4.5 km procession. yummy indian food (photo by jessie) what a great night together! (photo by jessie) six months here and my first mrt ride. a fascinating hindu festival.

don't know if these videos will work or not. i've got to figure out the setting and how to focus using the video.

thaipusam videos

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

chinese garden

turtle and tortoise museum

went with some friends to play with our cameras.
$2 bag of pellets makes you the pied piper of turtles.
you see "fun" signs like this all over. i've got to start taking some pictures of them.
got this cute idea here.
komodo dragon.
steve doesn't want me to cut his hair. it's getting long and people often comment on it. i guess they can't tell the difference between a boy with "long" hair or a girl. i love the slight curl.

the chinese gardens are gorgeous

Sunday, January 23, 2011

date night

the breathtaking view at singapore's tallest building - the swissĂ´tel, new asia bar

then went across the street to chijmes. it used to be an old convent that was converted (ha ha) into restaurants and shops.

i loved the interesting architecture and beautiful grounds

dinner at carnivore, a brazilian churrascaria

it started raining, so we were moved under cover to finish our yummy mango dessert.

great night! we will definitely go back to try the other fun restaurants at chijmes.