Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 project

i've been happy with the other photography projects i've done. i'm glad i have them and will treasure them always.

this (i have all the pictures, but still need to finish it) and this.

i'm not gonna lie though. it was difficult to get a shot each and every day. and most of them were just snapshots so i could fill it in for the day. there were very few that i would consider soul-stirring or wall-worthy. and i'm a photographer?!

this year my photography project is to take a picture of each boy every week that is a picture perfect portrait. then i'm going to write a little love note. see it here. when the year is done, i'll have it printed and bound here.
wish me luck.


Royce and Annika said...

What a great idea! Love it!

We miss you guys!!!

malia said...

annika! we miss you too! we played puerto rico and settlers the other night and i thought about you guys. how's that sweet new baby?

kei'sblog said...

LOVE it!!!

Tolai & Nimo said...

What a cute idea! See, THIS is why I need me a cool camera!!

kam said...

always such great ideas! you inspire me, but i'm too lazy to follow... :) and your photos are always beautiful!