Friday, January 28, 2011


hindu temple participants fast before the festival, then don a kavadi which represents their thanks to answered prayers.

they pierce their body and amazingly there is no blood!

the kavadi's were very large and intricate

nail bed shoe

piercing through cheeks and tongue


hands behind his head, he is so calm while getting ready.

lots of people checking out the festival

there were people everywhere! the paris hilton kavadi. these things were huge. sometimes the participants had to stop and take a breather during the 4.5 km procession. yummy indian food (photo by jessie) what a great night together! (photo by jessie) six months here and my first mrt ride. a fascinating hindu festival.

don't know if these videos will work or not. i've got to figure out the setting and how to focus using the video.


kam said...

YIKES!! That's all I better say...

metro's not that bad once you get used to it, huh? great thing is, they seem to work pretty much the same way no matter which country you're in.

awesome photos!

malia said...

pretty interesting stuff, huh kam?

the public transit is great here. steve's been taking the bus to work this past week. he even stops to get me a couple groceries that i need at an interchange.