Sunday, October 31, 2010

halloween 2010

i love halloween. it's so fun to me. this year wasn't so big.
we didn't carve pumpkins or make caramel apples or throw a party.
(we did attend a party that was super-fun though!)
in fact, the only decorations were paper bats and pumpkins that doubled as candy-holders.

ty dictates what the rest of our family will be for halloween. this year, he wanted to be "dark" vader.

rhett has a very distinct walk. naturally, he was yoda.

not one for fan-fare, steve was a jedi.
and i was princess (ma)leia
we went to the woodlands for dinner at a friends and then trick or treating. it is insane up there and i mean INSANE. parking at the american school.
the streets were filled

sweaty boy. half-way through, i got his mask and cape. next year, we'll have to think of costumes that aren't so hot.
rhett is such a funny kid. he definitely has a mind of his own. we got him to wear the yoda costume for pictures only. after that, don't even go near him with it in your hands. on our way home, he snatched ty's mask and this is how i found him, still as can be, to get him out of his carseat. funny kid.
i did splurge and popped a bag of popcorn while watching 2012. it was a real treat!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


WIFE: "Honey, our Chrysler Town and Country is falling apart--do you think we could trade it in for a newer Honda Odyssey?"
HUSBAND: "You're going to have to make that van last sweetie, things are tight. Sorry, we just can't afford it."

2005 Chrysler T&C
market value = $9,275 USD
2006 Ferrari 430 Spider market value = $172,700 USD

I would like to officially nominate my neighbor to be the 2010 Man of the Year. Nice work!

By the way--if you're my neighbor and somehow found this, no hard feelings. The van is very nice and I'm sure you love your wife very much.

Friday, October 29, 2010

surf shorts + rain boots

singapore boy
ready for any kind of water


this swiss restaurant made me forget i was in singapore. it's organized like a buffet, but you pick what you want and pay as you go. there are options galore.
the rosti and pineapple lemonade were hits.
and the crepes.
and the movenpick ice cream.
on the rooftop of vivocity

Thursday, October 28, 2010

high school musical

went to my first ever high school musical at SAS.
it was actually my visiting teaching appointment and it was totally groovy. :)

squatty toilets

required: strong quads or strong bladder

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

pretty great ward

the ward here is AMAZING! i really miss my old ward and think about the people in it all the time, but the ward here is so great. there are TONS of activities. the sisters are so kind and i feel privileged to rub shoulders with women that are so accomplished and well, fancy. :)

this is an indian culture night where a sister from the stake came and taught us ALL about indian culture and traditions. it was pretty awesome.

my calling in this ward is ty's primary teacher. hooray! i love those little kids. they're so sweet and i'm glad to be able to spend more time with ty. i have realized that i need to be more diligent during the week at really spiritually feeding myself though. i've been taking sunday relief society's for granted in that aspect.

so far, i think singapore has been great because of how awesome the ward is. seriously, these sisters are incredible.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


the joke is that you call a taxi instead of an ambulance if you ever need one.
only it's not so much of a joke. it's the truth.
the abulances here will obey all traffic laws...including stopping at the traffic lights.

Monday, October 25, 2010

crocodile farm and an adventure

took the boys to a crocodile farm after school one day. it's actually just in a residential neighborhood and is pretty small, but cool. they breed the animals and even use the skin to make items that they sell at their gift shop.

loved the tiled sidewalk
as we were leaving, we see this huge tent that looks like something is going on across the street.
so we go and explore.

what you see from the street is the only "vendor" at the door. i thought it was a little market.

it was a place of worship.

we wandered around.

they gave me a gigantic plate of vegetarian food. rhett spilled their green bean soup all over the table and we made a huge scene.
not even a language barrier could confuse. i'm certain people were sending me curses for being in their sacred place and wasting their food as i wrestle with a squawking rhett and run out the door. so much for being adventurous.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

first (non-parent induced) love

ty: i think i'm in love.
me: oh. really? with who?
ty: kathy from the czech republic
(i'm sorry sadie and ava. the heart wants what the heart wants.)

water parks

there are tons of water play areas on the top of the malls in singapore. here is a friday night at one of the malls near our house - northpoint. i've got to remember to always pack a swim diaper and surf shorts for the boys.

sticker stalker

it was too quiet. i found rhett on our bed with ty's sticker stash from the bus auntie.


i pull up to a stoplight one day.
i hear music. it's coming from the vehicle next to me:
i'm fascinated. it's a hearst. there are lights blinking and a picture of the deceased on the front of the fender.

another day, i see this rolling down the expressway.


Friday, October 22, 2010

PHUKET : the resort

the jw marriott was fantastic
i loved being greeted and greeting others with a wai (slight bow, with the palms pressed together in a prayer-like fashion) and "sawatdeekaa"

these sunsets were phenomenal

breakfast was incredible

our breakfast view
i may or may not have snorted out my nose when one of the employees asked ty what his name was and then (i kid you not) said: you ty? i thai too.
i wished melo was there with me for a good laugh.

enough geckos to rival gecko road

a smile despite allergic-induced hives and tonsillitis :(

the pool was a hit

and led to this:
lunch poolside
room service from the thai restaurant
coconut prawn soup, green papaya salad, red curry, mango sticky rice


show at sunset