Sunday, October 31, 2010

halloween 2010

i love halloween. it's so fun to me. this year wasn't so big.
we didn't carve pumpkins or make caramel apples or throw a party.
(we did attend a party that was super-fun though!)
in fact, the only decorations were paper bats and pumpkins that doubled as candy-holders.

ty dictates what the rest of our family will be for halloween. this year, he wanted to be "dark" vader.

rhett has a very distinct walk. naturally, he was yoda.

not one for fan-fare, steve was a jedi.
and i was princess (ma)leia
we went to the woodlands for dinner at a friends and then trick or treating. it is insane up there and i mean INSANE. parking at the american school.
the streets were filled

sweaty boy. half-way through, i got his mask and cape. next year, we'll have to think of costumes that aren't so hot.
rhett is such a funny kid. he definitely has a mind of his own. we got him to wear the yoda costume for pictures only. after that, don't even go near him with it in your hands. on our way home, he snatched ty's mask and this is how i found him, still as can be, to get him out of his carseat. funny kid.
i did splurge and popped a bag of popcorn while watching 2012. it was a real treat!


Jessie said...

Those costumes are awesome! You all look amazing. Where did the Yoda hat come from? Its adorable. And I love the bats. Isn't Woodlands insane?

Tolai & Nimo said...

Love the costumes and your place looks great!