Wednesday, October 27, 2010

pretty great ward

the ward here is AMAZING! i really miss my old ward and think about the people in it all the time, but the ward here is so great. there are TONS of activities. the sisters are so kind and i feel privileged to rub shoulders with women that are so accomplished and well, fancy. :)

this is an indian culture night where a sister from the stake came and taught us ALL about indian culture and traditions. it was pretty awesome.

my calling in this ward is ty's primary teacher. hooray! i love those little kids. they're so sweet and i'm glad to be able to spend more time with ty. i have realized that i need to be more diligent during the week at really spiritually feeding myself though. i've been taking sunday relief society's for granted in that aspect.

so far, i think singapore has been great because of how awesome the ward is. seriously, these sisters are incredible.

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Preds Girl said...

That's wonderful! I was literally thinking last night after reading your blog, "I wonder what the church is like out there." And now that is answered!

Have fun in Primary! :-)