Monday, October 25, 2010

crocodile farm and an adventure

took the boys to a crocodile farm after school one day. it's actually just in a residential neighborhood and is pretty small, but cool. they breed the animals and even use the skin to make items that they sell at their gift shop.

loved the tiled sidewalk
as we were leaving, we see this huge tent that looks like something is going on across the street.
so we go and explore.

what you see from the street is the only "vendor" at the door. i thought it was a little market.

it was a place of worship.

we wandered around.

they gave me a gigantic plate of vegetarian food. rhett spilled their green bean soup all over the table and we made a huge scene.
not even a language barrier could confuse. i'm certain people were sending me curses for being in their sacred place and wasting their food as i wrestle with a squawking rhett and run out the door. so much for being adventurous.

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Jessie said...

Crocodiles? Yikes!

And they were probably just staring because your little family is gorgeous. Or they were wondering where to get such a cute hand bag :)