Friday, October 15, 2010

dim sum

we went to the famous din tai fung restaurant for a weekend treat. all i can say is, dim sum is YUM!! this restaurant is ranked as one of the world's top ten best restaurants by the new york times.
rhett is copying steve's pose.
so is ty...
it's fascinating to see how food is made.
at least 18 perfect creases to each little handmade dumpling.
timely arrival in a cute bamboo basket.

we ordered WAY too much food. next time we'll just get the steamed pork dumplings, braised beef noodle soup and fried rice. below is the damage for a fun experience. everything is in chinese and tip is always included. not bad.

din tai fung was the best singapore meal we've had. okay, mostly because the kids (rhett) were angels through service and because the food was delish.

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