Wednesday, January 12, 2011


i went in for a LASIK consultation and the doctor told me that i don't even need to wear glasses. he said that i have "super vision" and that i can see two lines below 20/20. i tried going a day without my glasses, but i kind of like my super vision.

steve went in and was going to get it done, but his cornea's are too thin. boo.

what are we going to do with our msa now?
at least i get to keep looking at my hot husband in his glasses. people say that he looks different
with his glasses,
without his glasses,
with a hat,
without a hat...
like a different person different.
it's all good to me.

i've got the supervision and my own personal superman. ♥ ya hwanb.


kei'sblog said...

Boo! but hey, I just read this post on a friends facebook that talks about an alternative option for people with thin corneas. Here's the link:

malia said...

thanks for the link kei. we've heard of pkr before, but the doctor didn't think steve would be a good option for it either.

Stina said...

So--there is something Steve can do! My friend had it done. They can implant lenses into his eyes. They do it at the Moran Eye Center at the U and it only costs (ha!) about $5 or 6K. And, I had Lasik done this week. It was awesome. Congrats on super-vision. You lucky girl!