Saturday, March 12, 2011

HONG KONG : the food

It was good!

Belle Nef took us to Dim Sum at Maxim's Palace City Hall. It's a gorgeous ballroom with crystal chandeliers and ladies pushing around carts of goodness.

Danielle even tried webbed duck feet! I was not that adventurous.

Located in Soho, and serving delicious Thai|Vietnamese food, Soho Spice is a place NOT to be missed.

They have the most amazing mango sticky rice I've ever tasted!

Thank you Jonna for all the great recommendations and tips! She knows her stuff! Check out her website for lots of great travel info and stunning pictures.

Stopped in a packed hole-in-the-wall shop and shared a table with a few strangers to get this yummy dessert.

On my day solo, I went out to Stanley to enjoy the HK coast, browse the market, and enjoy one last meal at Lucy's. The perfect way to end a great trip!

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