Monday, April 18, 2011


we were so excited to get some visitors! kei and joenee came in for a quick visit and we loved having them. next time, bring your girls! :)
wet market. kei is asking the lady something. her face is one that i see often. "hughhh?!!!?!"

eating noodles on smith street.

little india

singapore flyer and marina bay sands picture.

just our luck. the real merlion has a hotel built around it (red building behind it) and won't be back to normal until june 6th. here we are at the mini one. a little disappointing.
that's better. we saw the gigantic one at sentosa. i guess there are five merlion's around singapore.
the luge on sentosa. once really isn't enough. :)

they took a bus up to malaysia, got a stamp in their passport, and had a bite to eat. (photo courtesy of kei)
did some doTerra-ing.
walked along the singapore river at clarke quay.
had some black pepper crab. yum.
don't forget the chilli crab.
love you guys! come again!

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