Sunday, October 2, 2011

potty training

it's time. it's been time for a long time.

last week i stayed put and started the thing i've been putting off for a long while. the carpet is rolled up and the clorox wipes are placed in strategic areas all around the house. operation potty training has begun.

this kid is a champ. and a crack up. check that face out. he's got a million of them.

my favorite part of this whole ordeal is after he goes shi shi in the potty he puts the little seat cover on, then says, "i have a surprise for you!" he lifts the cover and says, "TA DA!"

it is interesting, but right before a huge mess, i feel overwhelming love for this little child. i can tell that my Heavenly Father is giving me those little power boosts so that i'll be able to keep my cool.


jane said...

oh, good luck. glad HF is giving you bursts of patience. potty training is the WORST!

jane said...
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james and bess said...

what a cutie! you can do it, malia!

bess :)

Jessie said...

Good job Rhett!! and good job Malia!