Friday, December 3, 2010


i love getting into the holiday spirit by doing something christmas-y every december day until christmas. it doesn't have to be big; just something for holiday cheer.

when we first arrived, i was scouring craigslist for furniture. i came across someone selling their christmas tree + ornaments for s$25. i jumped on it. and i'm glad i did, since i heard that christmas lights alone go for s$20|box.

01 december : decorate the tree

just in case one ornament gets lonely, rhett added friends on the same branch.
whistling a happy tune.
the tree is the perfect height for ty
we put on every last decoration.

don't forget the bottom branches.
our perfectly, imperfect tree.
my sweet boys.


Preds Girl said...

Awe! I ADORE this post!

kei'sblog said...

Beautiful! I need to do a Christmas a day thing...send me some ideas! :)

kam said...

love the one of ty's reflection as his little hands put up the ornament.