Friday, December 10, 2010


i brought zero christmas decorations with us. thankfully, my momma taught me how to (ha ha) i whipped up this tree skirt, based off of this tutorial. i am sew (sorry, couldn't resist) happy with how it turned out!
a couple dozen cookies later, we arrived at the church to view a live nativity. it was amazing! the spirit was so strong and the stake did a fantastic job portraying each aspect of the birth of our Savior. my favorite room was the angels.

there was an entire room of nativities from around the world. i loved the one from california (pictured bottom left) with rocks shaped like the nativity. very cool.


Jessie said...

Love the skirt! You are awesome.

james and bess said...

great tree skirt!!! you are sew talented.... :)

bess :)