Friday, July 8, 2011

malia michelle

i never thought i'd go into business, but it seems like the right time for me.

[i'm kind-of hooked on yellow and blue.] right now, the website is for photography only, but i've been doing some portfolio-building design work on the side as well.

my friend started a company,

and i did all the design work for her. if you'll be in utah in august, check out the retreat!

i did a fun preston, id family reunion t.shirt design

and i hope to be working with another company soon!

i learn so much from each project plus it's so much fun for me!


Stina said...

You are going to be big Malia! You have fantastic taste and an eye for design. Thanks for helping with my company!! And, I will keep referring you to anyone who will listen!!

Jessie said...

Love it!!! You got serious skills.

anniegamble123 said...

You are so talented!!! Everything you create is AMAZING!