Sunday, July 10, 2011


i've got this book, fun singapore. the goal is to accomplish everything in it. i know i won't be able to, but it sure is fun to cross things off and explore places around here. i want to always be a tourist in the city i live in. i've regretted not doing things in the past because i thought we'd get around to it someday. it is nice to know that our time in singapore does have an expiration date, so i try to do as much as i can while we're here.
i love going to playgroup with our church group every week. it's fun to chat with the other moms and rhett is almost old enough for me not to be so worried anymore. here are some of the fun places we've been to.

haw par villa aka tiger balm gardens

this is quite an interesting place. actually "interesting" is an understatement. it's bizarre. there are a ton of colorful chinese mythological statues mixed with the statue of liberty and tunnels and gruesome pictures. i think it was a theme park at one time? anyway, we didn't even see half of the park before rhett was done for the day. maybe we'll have to go back and check it out again. oh, and those tiger balm garden mosquitoes are immune to the tiger balm mosquito patches. go figure.

best cooking store on the island! they have aisles large enough to pass your neighbor without bumping. and lots of chef and host eye candy! for this playgroup, we baked cookies! a lot of singaporeans don't have ovens, so this idea is a novelty for some. i think they did a great job. we even got cute little canisters to take our treats home in and the bistro was pretty good too.

woodlands waterfront
a new park with an awesome playground. i've got to bring ty back.

you can even see malaysia from the jetty. a nice fisherman let us play with his catch.

the zoo
always a crowd-pleaser.

jurong frog farm


JCV said...

We have that SAME book and I am thought of doing the exact same thing! We just did the Tree Top Walk... Make sure you ask me for tips before you do it! I am sad we missed the frog farm.....

Stina said...

I love that idea--to always be a tourist in your own city. Great idea! And, I love the pictures!! The orphanage ones broke my heart!

meloyellow said...

is it just me, or does that last frog look like it's wearing lipstick?

kam said...

it does melo!!

ok - maybe i'm just used to having girls but eww on the frog farm.

but the rest looks really cool!

kei'sblog said...

So much fun!