Sunday, February 20, 2011

PHNOM PENH : food and shopping

we bussed back up to cambodia's capital city after the races.

after a yummy $9 steak dinner at Comme à la Maison, we wandered along the river in search of a cheap massage right into the night market. cambodians sure know how to have a good time! loud music, a lottery of some sort, and some great 80's dance moves, hair, and outfits to go with the hustle and bustle of a market. what fun!

stopped at the central market the next day.

the french colonized cambodia and the food there thankfully reflects it. along our exploration of this hip st 240, we stopped at an awesome little french cafe, the shop, and gorged on pastries and yummy salads.

i loved this table. what a fun idea!
i get a coffee table book as a souvenir everywhere i go. there was a ngo-run library along this street. i'll never forget the gratitude in the woman's eyes when we bought a couple of books. she took my hands and told me how much that would help them that month.

i'm glad we found this street in cambodia. chic shops. great restaurants. fun boutiques. just don't try on any chunky airplane necklaces and take a photo or a crazed french woman might snap. :)

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