Monday, February 21, 2011


always room for one more.
walls are everywhere. i guess there is a huge problem with the government just taking land if there isn't a wall up to specify otherwise.
our mode of transportation. tuk-tuks at around $2 a ride. a fun way to see this quaint capital city.
i loved seeing the colored bottles of petrol dotting the street sides.
fried bugs anyone?
the streets of phnom penh.
don't give me the map though. :)

other things to remember:
people wondering what my heritage was.

this trip to cambodia will forever leave an impression on my heart. i have learned and been exposed to so much. i will never be the same.


Nimo said...

i just love all your neat experiences and photos to go with it.

Jessie said...

"i will never be the same."

I love it Malia. so true.