Saturday, September 18, 2010

chinatown wet market

suspect smells, but awesome place.
one of the few things that are open "early" are the food stalls at the wet markets. we arrived around 8am and while the basement (where all the food vendors are) was bustling, the second floor was just starting to open. we bought a couple silk robes for me and a pair of jammies for ty. and yes, we bargained. S$78 for S$56 :)

they sell all kinds of things here. dried fish.

fish aisle with an escapee.

meat section. i was too afraid to snap a picture of the guys smacking the frogs on the table to kill them. or the butchers hacking away at some...thing... they're pretty aggressive.

fruits. we stocked up. steve makes the best juice.

cute aunties selling vegetables.

we even bought our eggs. i don't know why, but eggs aren't refrigerated here.

gorgeous flowers. we've got to find a wet market closer to our place.


Jessie said...

That escaped fish is hilarious. Did you find the fabric stores?

malia said...

we went a couple weeks back...i'm a little slow on updating the ole blog. want to go fabric-finding sometime? :)