Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Malia has always been the girl for me. The first time I saw her beauty I was paralyzed. In my awe-struck stuporous state, the initial sight of her and these four words were seared in my memory like a brutal branding into a steer's hindquarters: "wow, she's unbelievably hot!" While I find myself too often taking Malia's exceptional beauty for granted, I can honestly say I haven't thought that about anyone else since... until I came to Singapore that is.

I spent my first 3 weeks in Singapore without Malia or the boys, alone, in a hotel near the always-hoppin' retail-mecca that is "Orchard Boulevard." While it's not a worthy justification, I have never been away from her for more than a week and missed her terribly. Maybe it was the loneliness that let my guard slip--I don't know for sure... but while there I saw this husky, well-equipped, dark-skinned beauty and those same four words, previously reserved only for Malia, rushed uncontrollably into my mind like a surging flood, "wow, she's unbelievably hot!"


james and bess said...

wow, she's pretty angular.... are you sure "she" isn't really a "he?" :)


Walnut said...

i like the witty words. and yes she is ridiculously hot

kam said...

welcome steve!

althought i'm not regularly a jeep fan, i could convert for your dark skinned beauty! looks like you're enjoying all that singapore has to offer. :)