Tuesday, September 7, 2010

MOM and muffins

we could smell the yumminess from around the corner. i didn't find a sewing machine, but we did find some amazing muffins, even though they were a bit more like cake. they were fresh out of the oven. steve said they were the most amazing muffins he's ever had. i have to agree! i'm beginning to realize why singaporeans don't cook or bake at home. there are so many treasures to be found!
so if you're ever hanging around the MOM which by the way has a fantastic view of the singapore flyer and marina bay sands building, be sure to stop by.


Michelle Thurgood said...

It's fun to catch up with your adventures in Singapore. I'm loving all the hand-me-downs you left behind (clothes, shoes, George Foreman Grill,etc.) Keep living it up. What an amazing experience.

Deborah Gamble said...

Gabby clicks on the tab I made for her to see your blog all the time. She loves to look at the pictures over and over again.