Friday, September 3, 2010


the purchase at ikea looked like this:
that yellow guy waaaay back there is where our stuff ended. i've felt like a freak show many times while living here. this is one of those times. i think we ended up with five trolleys and two shopping carts on this trip. i felt sorry for the delivery guys who had to deliver all of the stuff. and even more sorry when the communication barrier was so evident. "no, no the white desk goes on the top floor. the kids beds on the 3rd."

we're slowly moving in. right now, we look like the ikea showroom.

we'll get there cricket. :)


Tolai & Nimo said...

Thanks for the invite! I kept checking your other blog for updates. What an awesome awesome opportunity for your family. Singapore looks great! Hope you are all well. :)

kam said...

yes, but you're OUR little freak show and we love you! hopefully by the time we make it out there to visit you, you'll have learned all the ropes and can instruct us on blending in. :)

and at least you won't have to go back to ikea for a really long time, right?

Deborah Gamble said...

Ikea in Singapore? Very cool!