Thursday, November 11, 2010

bad day remedy

this blog makes it seem like life here is just peaches and cream.
the truth is that it's not.
my good days far outnumber my bad days. now. it's taken a while to get here. i get frustrated with things. i miss how things were...and mexican food.

i just choose to post about things that make me happy. when i look back, i don't want to remember how whiny i was, even if that's how i really am on monday, tuesday and thursday. who wants to be remembered that way? and while i've started many a cry me a river posts, i almost always delete them. that doesn't mean that i'm not crying a river to my poor husband, or therapuetically writing them down to get it out and then throwing it away.

so here, in my journal blog, the one that will be printed and bound, i will look back ten years from now and not remember how i wanted to break that indian guy's long, thin, witch-like finger when he stuck it centimeters away from rhett's nose and told him, "you're a naughty boy!" (okay. maybe that one i will remember since i wrote it just now. but it's one of many experiences i've had in singapore.)
i will remember that i tried to give my kids unique experiences.
i will remember who my kids were at this age.
i will remember that i was content.
i will remember that it's important to be happy with who you are and what your circumstances may be, even though others may blatantly judge you otherwise.

it's not fake or phony. my blog posts are what i want to remember.
because ultimately life is good, especially with mint slices and tim tams.

and thank you jessie for introducing me. :)

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Tolai & Nimo said...

Malia, I honestly couldn't have said it any better. I look back at some of the things I wrote and hate that I actually documented them for others to see.

However I do realize that writing is my therapy, even if it is about the few negative aspects of my life. It has helped to write it completely out, re-read it, and keep it in my drafts until im ready to let it go. Sometimes it's quick, and sometimes it takes a while. But I find that I always let it go at some point. And that it is whats most important to me.

Anyway, sorry for the novel, but I absolutely love your blog(s) and you!