Monday, November 22, 2010

best mexican food in singapore

we haven't tried too many mexican places here. i've only been to the one at dempsey hill. steve's been down to one at clark quay. honestly, i didn't even want to go here that night. why drive all this way, just to get disappointing food? ask steve. good food = happy mamma. i'm glad he dragged me to cha cha cha's at holland village.
first off, they had this:i hadn't even tasted the food, but at the very least knew i was going to have an enjoyable dinner. even on mute, it worked like a charm.

the chips and salsa were major. the perfect amount of heat, salsa-ing on my tongue. and the chips were fresh!
very unorthodox, we were able to get some salsa to go.
(not a very appealing photo, but only shown because) they had white meat. pure white meat chicken in a tasty chimi!
homemade churros. but eat quick! the ice cream melts fast.
we have found our mexican food heaven. the world is a good place.

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Steve said...

Going back this weekend... at least twice. I'll be having Thxgiving Mexican style.