Tuesday, November 2, 2010

free photo sessions

i get in these funks.

when i feel the spiral start, i try to distract myself - fiddle with crafts, bake some goodies, or watch embarassing amounts of tv. what really works is to get out of myself.

it's hard to know how to serve here though.
i don't have resources or knowledge about singapore.
i do have a camera.
and can tinker my way around cs5 pretty good.
and i have time.

i've done this in the past and even though i'm not the best, it's very therapeutic to me and i love it. plus it helps me get better...skill and emotion.

so singapore peeps, i'm going to do some free photo sessions. anyone who wants a photo shoot, hit me up.
{malialittlefield at gmail dot com}

really, you'll be doing me the favor. :)

♥also, my blog is pretty new and probably doesn't get a lot of traffic, so pass the word along ♥


Laurel said...

I end up doing retail therapy. Yours is so much more productive!I may have to take you up on this offer. I also watch tv, BAD tv. I have been watching way too much Jerseylicious! And I also read some of the crappiest books ever made. It calms me for some reason.

Jessie said...

Are you kidding?! Sign me up!!!

kei'sblog said...

Can you come to Pampanga and do a photo shoot here?! :)

malia said...

when we make it to manila (or you make it here), lets do it!:)