Thursday, November 4, 2010

tay guan heng

when i pick ty up from school, we don't have a lot of time to do things. i never want to waste the opportunity to go check something out when i have the car, so i found out about this cute little shop about 5 minutes away from ty's school.

handmade from joss incense or cinnamon bark dough, this is a dying art. the bark is playdough like, and they make the most intricate and beautiful figures.

they are known popularly for their nativity sets. as my holiday decorations are pretty sparce, i decided to get one. i'll post a better picture when i get it, just in time for christmas.
but they also make many other replicas from Chinese mythology and opera.
they even let ty and rhett make some christmas ornaments.

a great place, with friendly people and a memento from singapore that i'm sure to love for years.


Preds Girl said...

That is fabulous! Wow--you are such a great mommy!

Christine said...

Ty is the cutest thing!

Steve said...

My question is this: if we run out of cinnamon, can I grate one of these little figurines into my french toast mixture?