Sunday, November 7, 2010

singapore zoo

i've never really been a zoo person.
i don't know.
my poor kids, i guess it's never been fun for me to go look at the animals.
i wasn't expecting this experience to be any different. was!

and even though it was deepavali (a national holiday) weekend and took forever to get in, it was great! there were tons of people, but also tons of zoo too. the layout is an open concept and it seems like the animals are so close to you. it's pretty neat. we hardly scratched the surface of things to do here on this visit.
the boys loved it!

looking at the alligators below. i love how there is a life preserver just in case...
token mom + flamingo picture
getting a better view of some monkeys

my favorite photo of the day. those faces! these kids crack me up.i can not believe i didn't get one shot of the water park there. it is incredible! i'll be sure to snap one the next time we go. :)


Preds Girl said...

Love those boys!

cheryl said...

We love it too and go all the time. It is even better on normal weekdays because it's not crowded at all! You will have to get a membership and we'll have to meet up there.

Jessie said...

I have never seen that snake! Thats huge. Yikes. Glad you had a good weekend :)