Sunday, November 14, 2010

prom night

our ward is so much fun. everyone got dressed up. there were some awesome costumes outfits, lots of makeup and tons of "twisty" dancing. LOL!

oh baby! look at my hot date! i have never even seen this face before. his talents never cease to amaze me. and that mustache! whoo! good thing it's prom night.

p.s. this was our first date in 5 months. i had so much fun and laughed so hard.


Preds Girl said...


cheryl said...

You guys look fantastic! Thanks again for all your work on the photos. We live right by that fish farm. When you take the boys there let me know. You can do net fishing there too. Your boys would love that.

And that's quite a goose egg-poor thing!

Jessie said...

I will never get over that dress or your macarena! You guys looked awesome.

K.J. said...

First date in five months and THAT is what he looked like?? :) Looks like a ton of fun. Yell at my brother for me for not taking you out for FIVE months. That should be a weekly affair!