Wednesday, November 24, 2010

gobble what?

in our family, the pies are the star of the show. thanksgiving isn't thanksgiving without (oh let's say conservatively) ten pies. you have to have enough for first round pies. second round pies. and breakfast the next morning pies.

moving here, i knew there was no way i would have ten pies. i would settle for three.
pumkin. obvs.
apple. duh.
and my speciality chocolate haupia.

i'm going to cebu this weekend so i ordered our thanksgiving feast from ty's school. not exactly the same as what we're used to. but it would do. this is what i ordered:

sauteed green beans
vegetable stuffing
maple-glazed turkey breast
carmalized sweet potato
mashed potato with gravy
cranberry sauce
apple pie
pumpkin pie

i pick it up and get this.
they forgot.

luckily steve and the boys will be attending a proper feast while i'm away.
and i will be celebrating thanksgiving in an entirely new way. {more to come}

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kam said...

one of the great sacrifices of venturing out into the wide, wide world... not enough people to warrant a buffet of pies on thanksgiving! i feel your pain. i've been living it for a few years myself now. it slowly grows to a dull ache.

actually the ache is mostly in my stomach a few days later after i've tried to eat all the pies on my own. it also aches a few weeks later as i'm standing on the scale after eating all the pies on my own... :)