Wednesday, November 10, 2010

he has my heart

ty is a sweet, sweet child.

i'm lucky to be his primary teacher at church. one sunday, the lesson was on service. we talked about different ways to serve. we cut out hearts and they were supposed to give their hearts away when they did an act of service.

going to the grocery store is kind of a big deal. i stock up on items, since i really only get to the store once a week. i had the boys with me the day i went. when we got home, ty was so helpful, even giddy, and insistent on bringing all the bags up by himself. and there were a lot. however, he did let me help him with the 3 heavy bags of fresh juice though.

that night as i was going to sleep, i found this:

his sweet heart on my pillow. gosh, i just love this kid!

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Preds Girl said...

He is such a sweetie! That is an adorable story!