Monday, November 29, 2010

CEBU : orphanage

one of the young men in our ward organized a project to take christmas gifts and various items to an orphanage near cebu. i'm so glad i went to help deliver it. you always hear about places like this, but it is so different when you actually go there and see their beautiful faces. i was so overwhelmed and had so many different emotions. it was an experience i'll never forget.
this girl was born with deformities. she was getting her nails painted.
gifts were given. songs were sung. games were played.
little friends were made.
these sweet little girls ran all the way down the street waving as our bus left. i wanted to scoop them up and take them with me.

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kam said...

aww - tearing up here.

there's a family in our ward who goes down to mexico every year and helps to build buildings for the orphanages. they always invite who ever wants to go. it's great for the whole family - the kids really see how much they are blessed and even the ones who are too small to help "build" spend time playing with the kids in the orphanage. they spend a week working and then some days vacationing.

i wanted to go with them last summer but it didn't work out - i was thinking it would be a great family reunion. i'd really like my kids to have meaningful experiences like that.

those children are adorable!