Monday, November 29, 2010

CEBU : shopping

the philippines has awesome shopping. i look a little crazy-delirious, but happy with all these deals. it was black friday, after all. and i think santa is pretty dang happy with being 80% done too.

tried some baked ice cream. it's just like mexican fried ice cream, but it's baked instead.
filipinos are very devout. i guess it's not that different than utah, where there are whole stores dedicated to their religion.
enjoyed an authentic filipino meal.
sinigang, sizzling sisig, tuna belly, and calamansi drink.

oh man. it was fun to see these two in action.
kei, the bargain-maker and jessie, the taxi-sheriff.
do. not. mess. they will regulate. lol!

the only problem was, i only had a carry-on. what was i thinking getting 20 yards of fabric and 40 packs of silly bands? thank goodness for the hotel help, which earned me the title of ghetto-fabulous queen. lol!

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